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DRC (Thailand) Company Limited

“Contribute to the betterment of society through our high-quality studies and evaluations to help our customers provide safe products to the public in South Asia and Southeast Asia region” We provide product safety and efficacy testing services.

Why to work with us

Be aware of safety

Most important for cosmetic products

More than a certificate

Receive test results and photos of the tests

Test and analyze by dermatologist

Evaluation and analysis be accurate

Protecting own company

To confirm the safety of the products is not only for protecting consumers, but also protecting own company

Especially for Asian skin

Skilled and experienced for Asian skin

Under Japan and Europe standard

Certified by Japan accordance with Cosmetics Standard, and ISO 9001:2015

Safety Tests​

1. 24-Hour Occlusive Human Patch Test
2. Human Repeated Insult Patch Test

Effectiveness Tests

1. Whitening , Brightening and Depigmentation Effect
2. Moisturizing Effect
3. Anti- Wrinkle, Anti- Aging Effect
4. Sebum Control Effect
5. Use Test (Self – Assessment)

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